environmental education nature bracelets

Simple Bracelets for Nature Study Environmental Education

environmental education nature bracelets
We finally made it to the farm!  Our kindergarteners go to the farm to learn about farm animals and our first graders go to learn about plants.  I wanted to share this idea from the Lead Teacher Educator at the North Carolina A & T University Farm.   She used masking tape to made a simple nature study bracelet.  She gave the children several options from putting the tape in a booklet they provided to carrying a piece of tape and the bracelet.  By far the children chose the bracelet!


environmental education in the classroom
The children had several small gardens to visit.  Their were herbs, flowers, and vegetables and strawberry plants.  As you see there were also some weeds.  The children loved the Dandelions.  The instructor used this as an opportunity to talk about how seeds can move.  They had all of the materials the children used in a tackle boxes.  There were tape measures, masking tape, insect identification bracelets, magnifying glasses, tweezers and other items that could be used in identifying plants and insects.  The tackle box idea was great.  I hope to make some for my class to take on our school nature trail with leaf identification cards.  I will also include materials for tree bark rubbings.  Both of these ideas work well for environmental education.


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 We also learned about composting from a Master Gardener.  The children made mini compost bags.  I will share these soon.  Those compost bags are cooking now.  I’m sure it will be an adventure for the senses when they are opened. They learned about seed germination and made a grass head “chia pet”  that they designed the faces for.  Two of the stations were taught by college students at the university. It was a great day for the students and the teachers.  We are so lucky that the North Carolina A & T University Farm provides these great experiences for our children.  Children need environmental education in their classrooms! I hope you can use nature bracelet on your school campus to see what is growing in your environment.


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