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Classroom Reveal 2014 ~ Better Late than Never!!

Dear Friends,

I know my classroom reveal is very late! Like many of you I have been balancing my time at school with my family. My dear sweet Daddy is struggling with lung cancer. He is 86 years young! I have trying to spend as much time with him as I can. I am posting this today as he is resting.  I hope you enjoy this pictures even though they are  a bit…more than a bit late but I know you all will understand!


first grade
I love tables. I have been using them in first grade for many years. My old baskets were mismatched after many years of use. I love my new teal green baskets. Now we are all matchy, matchy!
first grade daily 5
IKEA is one of my favorite places. I love my new polka dot rug! This rug is on my reading area with my milk crate stools that I made last year. I made new curtains this year and they match the crate seats. The children love this area. I also have puzzles another favorite of mine as well as puzzles for word work in my Daily Five rotation.
first grade daily five
Our pets Sweetie, the guinea pig, and Dash, the box turtle, have their homes in this space. I used a recycled curtain to cover the bookcase. The bookcase hides a lot of center materials and my books on CD. Part of my Listening to Reading for the Daily 5 area is here
First Grade reveal
We are the Honeybees. I couldn’t resist this banner at Lowes and I love my Swanky new file folders from Walmart.
first grade math centers
This is a portion of my classroom library. I organize most of my books by genre and then by number. The children are can easily find books and return them. Each book has a white dot with a number on it. I have a math box for reading during math centers.
first grade room decorating
Okay I love these Pom Pom Fluff Balls!! They are just fun and they make me happy. That is all.
first grade room decorating
My personal trash can makes me happy too! I need this message at least every ten minutes. Don’t you?
classrooom reveal first grade
This is our meeting area. My friend left me this awesome rug when she moved to Texas. The chart holds my paper for writing messages and shared writing. My shelf holds Legos, Potato Heads, Gears and other fun stuff. We find time to play.
first grade gonoodle
Another IKEA favorite! This rug is in front of my math area. The hundreds chart is empty in this photo. We filled it on the first day of school. I have up our agenda and my Daily 5 charts. We also project our Mimeo on the white board. We use it daily for GoNoodle, Math and Literacy Activities.
first grade
Art Center and my cute W for Winchell that my awesome student teacher made last year. I have a lot of Honeybee stuff that decorates the classroom.
first grade room decor
My guided teaching table and my desk! I don’t have a desk and I have to work very hard to keep from being cluttered. I hope you enjoyed this tour. I like a light and cheerful touch with classroom decorating. I would love to hear from you about your classroom.

Thanks for visiting my classroom! I hope to be back to regular blogging soon in the meantime I plan to offer some freebies and some contests. I have a lot of books to giveaway, some gift cards and other treats. Please sign up to get email notifications so you won’t miss the fun!


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