ecosystems and animal adaptations

Introducing Ecosystems And Animal Adaptations: Teach With A Fun, Google™ Secret Code Puzzle

Fun Ecosystem and Animal Adaptations Google™ Sheets Activity with Printables

Are you searching for an exciting way to teach your students about ecosystems and animal adaptations while keeping them engaged and eager to learn? Look no further! I’ve got just the solution for you. Check out “Ecosystems & Animal Adaptations Informational Text Google Sheets Science Game” – an interactive and educational game that will challenge your students.

Why Should Choose a Secret Code Puzzle Game?

Students love interactive learning experiences, and this Google Slides Science Game provides just that. Students will answer questions using text-based evidence from the informational passage to learn more about the properties of matter. As the questions are answered correctly the wheel will begin to unlock and the puzzle will align! When the wheel is aligned students can use the wheel to answer the secret code question. It is like being a science detective…solving the mystery! Learning becomes an adventure with this interactive Google Sheets game. You will get a PDF with the link for the Google™ Slides. Then make a copy for your students.

You get ecosystem and animal adaptation printables for the students!

You get 4 printables with this resource. You get the passage in print form, a worksheet with 10 multiple-choice questions that use text evidence from the passage, and two “Draw and Remember” sheets. Answer keys are included for the Google™ Slides puzzle and the multiple-choice worksheet. I especially like the “Draw and Remember” worksheets. Students will draw representations of ecosystems and animal adaptations. Drawing uses metacognition skills to engage the students creatively and to remember what they have learned. These drawings make a wonderful display in the classroom. Each student gets to show their knowledge by creating drawings that represent his or her thinking. Color pencils, markers or crayons work perfectly for this activity.

ecosystems and animal adaptations

Why Choose Ecosystems Animal Adaptations Informational Text Google™ Sheets Science Game

  • Your students will use text evidence to solve the puzzle. They will be amazed as their correct answers move the puzzle pieces into the correct places. After the puzzle aligns, they will be asked to solve a riddle about ecosystems.
  • This product is designed to make your life easier, allowing you to focus on what you do best – teaching! You will make a copy of the activity for your students and print the activity sheets.
  • This lesson provides opportunities for differentiation. You have choices to present the material that will best meet the needs of your students.
  • The resource includes an informational text, questions, and activities that cover all the essential aspects of ecosystems and animal adaptations.

Why Should You Gamify Your Instruction?

All of our students have been introduced to the gaming structure for activities. I think we can use the enthusiasm for gaming to positively impact our students’ learning. This game gives students immediate feedback after they answer the box turns green or red. If the box is red they need to reread the text to find the correct answer! When all of the boxes are green students are excited and motivated to answer the “What am I riddle?” based on the informational passage about ecosystems and animal adaptations! Games also create a safe space for experimentation and failure. Children are more willing to take risks and try different approaches, which can help them overcome the fear of making mistakes and develop a growth mindset.

game ecosystems animal adaptations

Keeping Students Motivated

We have all experienced our ups and downs trying to keep students motivated! I have found that students enjoy games and puzzles. They will ask to play them again and again. This game comes with reduced risk by letting students try again. They can read the passage as many times as they like to get the correct answer. They are motivated intrinsically by the game. Each student competes against him or herself to get the correct answers. The same thing can apply to the printables in this resource.

Looking For More Animal Research Activities?

If you like to give your students more opportunities to learn about animals, ecosystems, habitats, and animal adaptations check out this resource! Students have a lot of choices of animals to research and many ways to share their learning.

Animal Research Project
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