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Force and motion science lesson

Boom Cards for Force and Motion

Science surrounds the world around our students. Therefore, it is so important that students truly understand what they are learning. However, it can be hard to keep students engaged when dealing with complex information. That is why Boom Cards for Force and Motion create the perfect way to hold the attention of students. Even better, students will have so much fun that they won’t realize how much learning is occurring! 

What are Boom Cards?

Boom Cards take learning to a whole new level! Students are given one question at a time. Therefore, they are not overwhelmed with a large number of questions to answer. Then, after answering, they are given instant feedback. If they are wrong, they can answer again. Hence, students will always know how well they are understanding the material. This helps tremendously because students will not complete the entire assignment incorrectly. They will know how well they are doing on the content immediately. Boom Task Cards are created through Boom Learning. Here, the classes, task card decks, and data are all conveniently stored. 

Boom Card Benefits 

Boom Cards provide so many benefits to teachers and students. 

  1. Self-Checking: Students will receive instant feedback. Thus, teachers will have fewer students waiting for help. 
  2. Interactive: ALL students will be engaged! There are always students who sit back in class and ones who are afraid to talk. However, Boom Cards help ensure every student is participating. 
  3. Paperless Digital Learning: There won’t be any time wasted at the printer with Boom Cards. Thankfully, students won’t be losing their papers. Everything is done digitally!
  4. Data Collection: Due to instant feedback, teachers have instant data. Thus, they can quickly see where struggles or misconceptions are occurring. Therefore, problems can be addressed right away.

Force and Motion Boom Cards

In every science topic, there is often tough vocabulary. The force and motion unit is an excellent example of this! To help students learn about force and motion, these Boom Cards involve challenging concepts and vocabulary. Specific concepts include but are not limited to: friction, movement, pressure, and magnetic force. Additionally, students will learn more about changing directions, electrical force, gravity, and balanced/unbalanced forces. 

Students are going to love these Boom Cards! Whether competing in a science center, individually, or at home, students will feel like they are playing a game. Even better, the Cards can be easily differentiated since each student is completing on their own device. Therefore, students will have content that is at the appropriate level for them. 

Science vocabulary can tricky but these activities make it fun and easy to remember! These Force and Motion Boom Cards are here to guide and support students. After playing once, students will be begging for more and more Boom Card activities. It is going to be an absolute joy to see learning come alive in the classroom. You might also like this force and motion lesson
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This is a fun activity that combines science and art to learn more about pushes and pulls when your students are studying forces and motion. It is easy to do in the classroom and I’m sure you already have the materials you need on hand!

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