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Fun and Engaging Heart Health Month Activities and Printables

Heart Health Month

Heart Health Month is in February! Show some love for those tickers by teaching about heart health. Here are some time-saving ideas to help you teach about this important topic without missing a beat:

I created this resource to use with the third and fifth graders in the science lab while we are studying human body systems. This true or false statement sorting activity focuses on the circulatory system! I am committed to creating resources that help our students read and learn in science.

The American Heart Association has an extensive library of free downloadable lessons for both middle school and elementary school programs. Lesson plans from several years are included and there are lessons for each age group and subject area.

Highlights from the American Heart Association lessons include this poster that identifies the parts of the heart and offers tips for keeping your heart strong.

In addition to worksheets and fact sheets, you will find several videos and interactive media options at the PBS Learning website. I recommend the video From the Heart for your upper elementary students. For your middle school students, NOVA has an interactive film called Map of the Human Heart that provides in-depth detail about the functioning of the heart and circulatory system. Both of these multimedia resources include additional information and discussion questions.

If you already have a copy of The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Heart in your classroom, Scholastic has a lesson plan made for you. The reproducible heart chart allows students to record their heart rate during various physical activities. The Scholastic lesson plan also provides a list of extension activities, such as making a heart of clay, to encourage your students’ creativity.

The USDA has also prepared a set of lesson plans all about nutrition using the My Plate program. At the My Plate website, you’ll find handouts, posters, songs, and games for students in K through 8th grade.

I hope you enjoy these activities!


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