How They Croaked

How They Croaked The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous


How They Croaked
How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg

Hey Friends! I love to read books created for older kids. How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg was one I couldn’t resist! Our media specialist has this wonderful thing called Bagels and Books! All we bring is a drink! How fun is that. We love that girl! This is her way to get the staff to check out the new titles she has ordered for the children.

I am a mystery reader so I was naturally drawn to mayhem…..and other gross stuff.  This is book is full of fun facts for those of us that enjoy this stuff.  Who knew that Poe most certainly died from Rabies or that people were so afraid of Henry the VIII that they would not approach his bed to remove his dead body for three days. Ewwww….well you can’t blame them!!! They liked their heads as well as the anyone else.

Edgar Allan Poe Grave Site
Edgar Allan Poe Grave Site

We know boys in particular love this type of reading and girls as well.  You can’t mention this book without recognizing the illustrator of  How They Croaked Kevin O’Malley.  The illustrations are done in black similar to a graphic novel.  Check out the cover! There is an illustration on every page but plenty of text for every reader.

This book has great potential in the classroom! Biography studies, science, history you name it. Maybe have the kids write a sweet version of some of these folks endings all fictional of course..great for comparative studies.  I teach firsties but I love reading these books!! We have to get our boys reading again!

Read How They Croaked you will love it. It is a great read-a-loud for upper grades.

Sarah Winchell

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