Bullying Preventnion Month

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying Preventnion Month

Hi Friends,

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. I have created a “new” product focused on Bullying Prevention. Some of this is from my Martin Luther King Packet if you have that one.  This product has posters, printables, writing prompts and a tiny foldable book the students can create. Look for the product link below.

One of the ways we can stop bullying is to create friendships.  Friendships seem like they should be easy but we know that they can difficult for some kids. One of my favorite books to read is “The Invisible Boy” by Patrice Barton. I read this book to third graders last week. The boy that is “invisible” slowly begins to gain color in the illustrations as he makes good connections with other kids. Four classes of third graders heard this book…you could have heard a pin drop. No kidding. These are the kids that sometimes poo poo a picture book. I could see the skepticism on some of their faces when I introduced the book but they were drawn into the story. Just like you will be when you read it.

bullying The Invisible Boy

I can’t say enough about this book. I am drawn into the story every time I read it. Every single time. It is a book that calls for discussion. The kids are open to talking about friendship and times they may have felt invisible. That made me feel sad….I will definitely keep my eye on them. It is amazing how a teacher can change the perspective of other kids. Friendship building is part of bullying prevention.

The week of October 12th is “Make friends with someone you don’t know.”   This is a part of the story in “The Invisible Boy”. This is a wonderful book in so many ways. I hope you can read it to your class.

You can get a full preview of my Bullying Prevention Pack here

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