Pixy Stix Science

Pixy Stix Science and States of Matter

Pixy Stix Science

Pixy Stix are great for a science lesson about dissolving and properties of matter. I purchased my Pixy Stix at our local Dollar Store. Pixie Stix Science is an inexpensive way to teach children about the unique property of dissolving. Kids generally don’t think much about dissolving after all their cups don’t dissolve when water or milk are to them. I love pretending to pour something in my cup that suddenly dissolves…I do it with a lot of theatrics. The kids always laugh and it get them to start thinking about what can dissolve and what does not dissolve.

Make a list of things that dissolve and those that do not dissolve.

Using chart paper or poster paper let the kids generate a list of the things they are familiar with that dissolve or do not dissolve. While making the list you may need to ask them to visualize and think about the things they are putting on the list. It is important to help them work through mis-conceptions. Next comes the fun stuff!

Pixy Stix Science

Tasting the Pixy Stix

I gave each child a Pixy Stix for our Pixy Stix science lesson. I did cut them open before I handed them to the kids. I generally don’t let them pick a favor (you know it will take a long time…) As they are tasting their “Stix” we talk about what is happening in their mouths. One of my little scientists is featured above with her Mom’s permission! The Pixy Stix dissolve and they leave behind….a fun colored tongue. You really must have a mirror for the children to look at their tongues. After they take a look they draw a self-portrait so they can record their science learning. (The drawings also make a super cute display. I know I am always looking for work to display.) While they are drawing is a great time to refocus them on the lesson. The core take away is that the right solid has to meet the right liquid to dissolve.

Painting with Pixy Stix

If you would like to explore more about dissolving and change here is a great post about making paint with Pixy Stix!
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