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Forest Animals Playdough Mats: Unique Way To Teach Science Vocabulary

 Playdough Mats: Unique Way to Teach Reading and Science

Looking for a fun and engaging way to teach science and science vocabulary to your kindergarteners, Pre-K, and preschool students? Look no further than these forest animals playdough mats! This educational resource is perfect for integrating science, literacy, and fine motor skills in a hands-on and creative way.

Playdough Mats for Learning Vocabulary

We know that our students need a variety of words in their vocabulary! Science vocabulary provides children with the language necessary to express their ideas, observations, and questions about the natural world. This activity provides the perfect combination of sight words and science vocabulary. Students love to read about animals and they will be building their sight words vocabulary at the same time.

Image of children playing with forest animals playdough mats, a fun and educational resource for teaching science and science vocabulary to kindergarten, Pre-K, and preschool students

To use the mats, simply print them out, cover them with a protective layer (such as laminate or a sheet protector), and add play dough. The 33 mats are differentiated for learners, with 11 mats featuring a picture, 11 mats featuring a picture and picture name, and 11 mats featuring a simple patterned sentence (“I see a ______.”).

Easy to use Playdough Mats

The forest animals’ playdough mats feature science vocabulary words such as bear, deer, fox, moose, mouse, owl, rabbit, raccoon, skunk, squirrel, and wolf. And if you love these mats, you can also check out the playdough mats for insects and bugs and more science mats to come.

So why not try out these fun and educational playdough mats with your young learners? With the combination of science, literacy, and fine motor skills, they’re sure to be a hit in the classroom or at home. Your children will love them!

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animals in winter hibernation

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