STEAM robots math activity

Let’s Make a Robot STEM to STEAM

star wars R2D2 math robot

STEAM Activity for your Classroom

This STEAM activity is a great way to start the New Year with your students. It combines math, geometric shapes and design. Kids are always more motivated when they can create their own designs. This activity let’s your students use shapes to design a unique robot. Kids are more interested than ever in robots and droids. R2D2 along with some friends has been introduced to a whole new generation. Little Bits are one of the hottest holiday toys that allows kids to code and create. Our students are moving at the speed of light and we have to keep up! I love STEAM because of the art component.

Lots of kids love…..

Let’s Make a Robot includes a design similar to R2-D2 and another design. There will be kids that have seen the Star Wars Movies and kids that have not seen the movie. The hype is everywhere so kids know that robots and droids are a big part of the movie. The best thing about this activity is that each student gets to make their own design, name their robot and decide it’s gender. They get to go beyond what they have seen and create their own ideas. The robots make a great display because they will reflect your students ideas. I love, love displays that are unique…I dislike displays where everyone’s work looks alike. I just glance at canned displays but I stop and linger when I can see that kid’s have taken a personal interest in their work. Math, art and design…it’s winner, winner chicken dinner (whoever though that up was clever..even though I had never heard it until 2 years ago and I’m from the south) Keep reading please.

STEAM robots math activity

STEAM Activity Record the Design

Your free STEAM Activity includes:

2 different robot designs

shapes for graphic design

recording sheet for shapes and naming your robot

You can find this activity in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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