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STEM Literacy: If You Lived Here Houses of the World

STEM Literacy: If You Lived Here Houses of the World by Giles Laroche

Looking to inspire your young readers with beautiful collages of homes across the world? Do yourself a favor and check out If You Lived Here: Houses of the World by Giles Laroche. This book travels across the world and throughout time to show you different styles of homes. You’ll experience dogtrot log houses, palafitos (houses on stilts), cave dwellings and even yurts! This book will provide great STEM inspiration for your students.

STEM Activities

What does each home look like?

The author entrances you with what life would be like if you lived in each dwelling, but he adds another bonus for your students. Included on each page is a list of materials and details on the location of the home. Information on the date the house was built and also a fascinating fact about each home is also listed. Your students will love to learn that some kids take a boat to school from their Venetian palace!

Create your own STEM activity!

This book would be a perfect addition to your STEM teaching and learning. Turn your class into an architect firm and assign groups a different home to build and present to the rest of the class. Grab your scrap materials and recyclables and let your kids get to work constructing and building. As you read this book out loud to your class, make special note of the design of each home and why the structure was built a particular way. Was it designed to withstand natural forces like the Fujian tuluo earth dwelling? Experiment with your own “natural forces” by testing the quality of construction with wind, water, or other natural disasters! You can also extend learning by writing across the curriculum. Compare and contrast the details of windows and doors or roof angles and stilts to stimulate a discussion on design.

This book appeals to all elementary ages. It is a great read and stimulates activities that will build onto that STEM momentum in your everyday teaching!

If you need another idea for STEM Literacy check out this book and post!

STEM Literacy How a House is Built

I’ll be back soon with more ideas for you!

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