earth day read aloud

Earth Day Read Aloud and Free Writing Activity

Earth Day STEM Literacy

earth day read aloud

Read Aloud for Earth Day

Earth Day is just around the corner and what better way to make preparations than to pick up a good book and fun activities for your class?! You’ve come to the right place if you want fun and easy at your fingertips. Start by picking up a copy of the book Earth Day by Trudi Strain Trueit. It is a great little Scholastic Read-About-the-Holidays book you and your students will enjoy.

This K-2 inspired gem has 31 pages of easy to read text and colorful photos that will give your students a basic background on the history of Earth Day. It also explains key vocabulary, such as conservation and recycling, with simple text for your emerging readers and earth conscious cuties.

Earth Day Around the World

Who knew that it’s not just an American holiday? Your students will love to hear how kids around the world celebrate. It is a great way for you to tie in some global awareness and social studies into your STEM curriculum!


Earth Day Math

Earth Day Activity

Once you’ve read this book out loud to your students, jump right into this awesome math activity I’ve prepped for you! You can pick up this Earth Day Math Resource pack that includes tasks cards, a game, printables, and a fun Grid Drawing Activity! It’s got great math practice using addition with unknown numbers too! The best part is it’s a time saver for you because I’ve included everything you need in one place! So, jump on over HERE and check out the preview for this amazing resource!

You can also snag this Writing Freebie!

One of my favorite Earth Day songs is Big Beautiful Planet by Raffi and you can check it out HERE. Your students will be singing this song the rest of the year!

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