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Straw Spinner Simple Science Activity – Science is for Kids


Straw Spinner Science is for Kids

If you are looking for a science activity for your study of forces and motion you are at the right place. Science is for Kids is working to become your go to site for engaging science curriculum.  Please join me on this journey. The school year is just beginning and I have plans to share a lot of great ideas with you. I am also interested in learning about what your science needs are. Leave a comment if you can and let me know how I can help you this year!

Head over to Classroom Room Tested Resources to learn about this Post. I blog there once a month. Check out the other great posts while you are there. Most of the time I will not ask you to visit another site but time I need to share you with Classroom Tested Resources. You will love all of the great ideas you will find there.

This science activity is cheap, fun and easy. What more can I say….Let’s get started.

It is all about the invisible force that kids often struggle to learn about because you can’t actually see air but you can see the effects of it. You will need flexible straws, scissors and air!  This is a great activity for experimenting in the classroom. Let the kids work at it awhile and figure out the best way to get the straws to spin. It is also a great party trick for teachers! Check out the video below.

Next time I will be more polished in appearance! This was after a day of working in my new classroom moving furniture.

Straw Spinner Science is for Kids

 Click Here for the Video: Science is for Kids Straw Spinner

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