Classroom Reveal 2014 ~ Better Late than Never!!

classrooom reveal

Dear Friends, I know my classroom reveal is very late! Like many of you I have been balancing my time at school with my family. My dear sweet Daddy is struggling with lung cancer. He is 86 years young! I have trying to spend as much time with him as I can. I am posting […]

5 Tips for Bringing Environmental Education into Your Classroom

environmental education

Hi Friends, I’m so glad that spring is here.  The daffodils are blooming and spring is ushering in longer days and chances to be outside.   Spring is one of my favorite times of year because it is so easy to teach children about the world that surrounds them.  Everything you need to be an environmental educator […]

Women’s History Month Writing Biographies with Young Children


Women’s History Month Writing Biographies with Young Children  Hey Friends, March is Women’s History.  I smiled this morning when I received a Sacagawea golden dollar in some change. This must be Sacagawea reminding me to share her story. Sacagawea’s story is  a great one and she is credited by many historians for the survival of […]

Rainbow Name Acrostic Poem in K/1

Acrostic Poem in Kindergarten and First Grade My talented student teacher has been teaching the children about adjectives and character traits. She came up with a project that combined both of these using an acrostic poem format.  The children thought of a character trait to go with each letter of their name.  They used a […]

Does Close Reading Encourage Readers?

Close reading has become a buzz phrase in our schools, classrooms and educational literature after the common core standards began to be implemented across the United States.  Close reading has advocates and critics in abundance.  Many have suggested that close reading as a practice will destroy a readers desire to read.  Others say it is crucial […]

Close Reading and Writing for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The children created the work for this bulletin board right outside of our classroom last year. We are doing a similar activity this week.  We have a very weird schedule this wee….. MLK Day off and two work days at the end of the week. I started last week with my unit and will continue […]