Easy Classroom Activity for Learning about Forces and Motion: Push and Pull Relay Drawings

push and pull forces and motion activities

Engaging students in hands-on activities is a proven way to enhance their learning experience. When it comes to teaching concepts like pushes and pulls, incorporating interactive activities can make a significant difference in comprehension and retention. One such activity that fosters creativity, teamwork, and a deeper understanding of forces is the Push and Pull Relay […]

Cool Pencil Trick with Baggie

pencil baggie with water trick

Cool Pencil Trick with a Plastic Bag and Water Are you looking for a fun easy to do science experiment? This fun science trick uses simple materials that you probably already have around your home or classroom. Everyone loves this cool pencil trick! I did this with over 400 students in one week….and every single student […]

What Can Teachers Do About Stephen Hawking’s Prediction?

stephen hawking aggression

I think teachers have an important role in making sure Stephen Hawking’s prediction about aggression destroying us doesn’t come true. Over the years I think we could all agree that people in general are more reactive to situations. Kids are not as generally patient and less likely to believe that something can be an accident. […]