water cycle science vocabulary

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water cycle science vocabulary

We all know teaching content vocabulary is important. Sometimes we get so busy with the everyday stuff content vocabulary gets left behind. I’m here to help you teach science content vocabulary. (drum roll please…just kidding but I will help) We have to remember many children have never heard content vocabulary before…like never. Words like evaporation, condensation and precipitation aren’t everyday words in their world. My challenge to you is to include content words in daily conversation. For example: “We can go out to play because the rain has evaporated off the play ground equipment.” or “It is precipitating today. Rain (snow..whatever it may be) is falling from the sky.” It may be a bit awkward for you at first but you can do it! I just love hearing my kids at school use science content words in their conversations. We have to be the models for these conversations.

Practicing Science Vocabulary

Children need opportunities to recognize and use science vocabulary. I am a big fan of repeated reading and the same idea works with science vocabulary. The words need to be seen and recognized repeatedly. You can’t just put them on the word wall and hope the children learn them. This is what I do. Use the word and then touch the word, use the word again and place emphasis on the word. I have the students say the word and then repeat a sentence I have used with the word. I ask the students for sentences using the word. I do this many times until I hear the students begin using the word in conversation.

No Prep Science Vocabulary

Check out my No Prep Color Code Science Vocabulary Activities that will help students practice content vocabulary. These worksheets will give students repeated practice with science vocabulary. They don’t take the place of hands on science but our students need repeated practice using science vocabulary. Click here to see the No Prep Color Code Science Vocabulary Water Cycle Product.

water cycle

Here is a freebie poem in color so your students can practice their content vocabulary. You can download it here. Water Cycle What Goes Up

water cycle

If you would like to learn more about using content vocabulary in the classroom check out this short article from Reading Rockets.

You might also like to get my free STEAM Cut and Paste Math Robot Activity by clicking here.

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