push and pull forces and motion activities

Easy Classroom Activity for Learning about Forces and Motion: Push and Pull Relay Drawings

Engaging students in hands-on activities is a proven way to enhance their learning experience. When it comes to teaching concepts like pushes and pulls, incorporating interactive activities can make a significant difference in comprehension and retention. One such activity that fosters creativity, teamwork, and a deeper understanding of forces is the Push and Pull Relay Drawing. Get ready to learn more about this fun activity that has a creative outcome for your students!

push and pull  forces and motion activities

Materials Needed for Push and Pull Relay Drawing

  • Large pieces of paper (one per pair of students)
  • Markers or crayons (one per pair of students)


  1. Set the Stage: Begin by introducing the topic of pushes and pulls to your students. Explain that they will be participating in a relay drawing activity that involves using pushes and pulls to create a collaborative artwork.
  2. Pair Up: Divide the students into pairs and provide each pair with a large piece of paper and a marker or crayon.
  3. Start with a Dot: Instruct one student from each pair to start by making a small dot on the paper using the marker. This will serve as the starting point for their drawing.
  4. Push or Pull: Explain to the students that they will take turns pushing or pulling the marker to create lines connected to the starting dot. The first student will decide whether to push or pull the marker and create a line.
  5. Pass and Continue: After the first student has made their line, they pass the marker to their partner. The partner then decides whether to push or pull the marker from the line created by their partner and adds another line to the drawing.
  6. Collaborative Drawing: Encourage the students to communicate and collaborate with each other throughout the activity. As they take turns, alternating between pushing and pulling, they will continue adding lines and shapes to the drawing.
  7. Reflect and Share: Once the activity is complete, give the pairs an opportunity to share their collaborative drawings with the class. Encourage them to discuss the different pushes and pulls they used and the overall design they created.

Benefits of the Push and Pull Relay Drawing Activity:

  1. Hands-on Learning: By physically experiencing pushes and pulls through the marker, students gain a tactile understanding of these forces, which goes beyond mere theoretical knowledge.
  2. Collaboration and Communication: This activity promotes teamwork and communication skills as students work together to create a cohesive drawing. They learn to discuss and decide whether to push or pull the marker, fostering effective communication and collaboration.
  3. Creativity and Imagination: The Push and Pull Relay Drawing activity encourages students to think creatively and use their imagination to add lines, shapes, and patterns to the drawing. They develop their artistic skills while exploring the concepts of forces.
  4. Reinforces Conceptual Understanding: By actively engaging in the activity, students deepen their understanding of pushes and pulls. They observe how different forces affect the direction and shape of lines, reinforcing their comprehension of these fundamental concepts.

The Push and Pull Relay Drawing activity offers an engaging and interactive way for young learners to explore the world of forces. Through hands-on experiences, collaboration, and creativity, students develop a deeper understanding of pushes and pulls. This activity not only enhances their conceptual understanding but also fosters teamwork and communication skills. So, why not incorporate this fun and educational activity into your classroom and watch your students’ knowledge of forces soar!

If you are interested in checking for your learners’ understanding of forces and motion. The students enjoy this self-checking activity that can be used many times. Check out this activity from my Teachers Pay Teachers store click on the image to learn more!

force and motion digital science activity

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push and pull forces and motion lonnie johnson Whoosh

If you use one of these activities please let me know!

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