States of Matter

Back-to-School Fun with States of Matter Science is for Kids

States of Matter
States of Matter


I have created a freebie that will help your kids get to know each other and learn about the States of Matter! Using this activity you can tackle several things at once. I have included a Friendship Matter Search. The children walk around the classroom looking for classmates that like to play in water or ones that like to collect rocks. Each square on the Friendship Matter Search is one of the 3 States of Matter.  I know many high school folks add plasma to the matter list but this activity is for first, second and third graders!

states of matter

States of Matter

The 3 States of Matters are included in the search. I suggest that each child only get one signature in each box but I left the directions open-ended. You can decide what is best for your group. I think about 15 minutes is perfect for this activity!

states of matterMovement, Speaking and Listening

I have included some variations for the activities. You can also have the kids circle the verbs and nouns in each phrase if you like. As a teacher I know it is important to maximize our classroom time but the children should enjoy learning!! After all we teachers know that students learn best when they feel successful and we know that students need movement and they need conversation.  This back-to-school activity provides both of these things.


states of matterGraphing

After the children complete the Friendship Matter Search each child colors in three boxes on the search sheet. These boxes should reflect that child’s favorite way to interact with matter. Then the class can graph that information. There is plenty to do in this freebie. You can can teach science, math and writing. You will need to download the lesson to see the writing part! You can find it here.

I hope this helps with your planning for Back to School!

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